Passionate Mission

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Mission for Children and Student Ministries:

Trinity Baptist Church Family Ministry exists to equip, encourage, and challenge families and the church community in raising up generations of passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.

Passion: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything; the object of such a fondness or desire; an outburst of strong emotion or feeling; strong love…

Our mission as a church, and as parents, is to raise up children who are passionate for the Lord and His honor! How do we raise up generations after us with a passion to follow Christ?

Going after our children’s hearts is the answer. The Lord’s means of doing this is primarily through us as parents. It is not enough to change behavior, or have outwardly good kids who will behave when around us, but when on their own they have no thought of God or their accountability to Him. We must teach them the Word of God over and over again, and show them the gospel of grace repeatedly throughout their lives. How do we do this?

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is a great passage of scripture to memorize, learn, and apply to our lives.

 1.  We go after their hearts by modeling the gospel (Deuteronomy 6:5-6)    If we want our children to be passionate for Jesus and follow Him with extravagance, then we must have passionate hearts for our Savior.  We will obey Him with extravagance and enthusiasm.

2.  Teach the gospel every day both formally in scheduled times of family worship, and informally when life happens.  Teaching kids about our wonderful Savior and the truth of His Word happens in the car, the kitchen, and ball fields of our lives. It is “on-the-go” teaching. It is teaching that happens when siblings are at each other’s throats over a toy. It is teaching that we don’t and can’t always plan, but we must be ready and prepared to teach.

3.  Center our home on the gospel.  I remember spending summers with my grandparents on their farm in South Georgia. To me it was the closest thing to heaven on earth. I recall my grandmother talking to me about Jesus every chance she got. At bedtime, we read the scriptures and prayed together. She didn’t back off from sternly correcting me when I was being silly with my prayers. I remember standing by her in that little country church singing hymns (I can still hear her singing now), and talking to me about the lesson that was taught. I know she was not a perfect woman, nor did she have a perfect home, but she was a woman who centered her home on Christ. It’s not about having a perfect home, but a home centered on the gospel of Christ. Life happens at home; how our kids learn how to handle conflict at home is how they will handle conflict when they are adults. The gospel must be right in the middle of our life!

Our children will catch the things we are enthusiastic or passionate about. Moms and Dads, it’s got to start with us, and our hearts (Deut.6:5-6). We must be passionate for our Lord. Let’s be extravagant with our lives for Him.


I am so excited about another awesome equipping tool for our parents to communicate God’s Word to our children. Tim Wyatt, our Kids Worship leader on Sunday mornings, is posting what is being taught in Kids Worship each week, along with upcoming series. Please use these postings as a way to reinforce these Biblical truths during the week. Its another resource for your children to hear from the most influential people in their lives: Mom and Dad!

I thank God for Tim. He has a passion for Christ and the children he teaches each week. I encourage you to visit and participate with your child in kids worship. You will find kids worshipping our Savior, and the Word of God being taught with passion!

Where can you find this GREAT info and help?  You can find his blog in our links section(Trinity Kids Worship) or you can go to

Thank you Tim for an awesome site!! And for having a passion for our Lord.


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