Why the name ChurcHome Central?

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Why the name ChurcHome Central?

As we were thinking of a name for the Family Ministry at Trinity Baptist Church, we wanted something that would communicate our vision.  We desired something that would encapsulate the beauty of the partnership of the church and the home.  As we have mentioned previously, the primary role for family spiritual leadership and discipleship rests with the parents. However, we believe, Biblically, that the church is to partner in this endeavor by encouraging, equipping and challenging families.  This philosophy of ministry is built on the functioning of a Biblical community.  We seek to create a spiritual greenhouse in which our families can thrive and grow together.  Also, this model of community accounts for the evangelism and discipleship of those children without a parental faith influence.  We desire to have a core group of parents that grasp this vision and want to impact their own children for Christ as well as children in the church who are without believing parents/guardians.  Therefore, “Church” and “Home” share an “h” in our title, signifying this partnership.  Also, “Central” represents our belief that this partnership between the church and home is central to God’s redemptive plan.  “Central” also indicates a place that distributes information. We hope to make this blog a resource for families as we connect them with resources and Biblical truth.


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